Rolf Movement

How Rolfing Heals

The purpose of Rolf Movement is to work with the client to identify the movement patterns that promote strain and asymmetry in its system. Once these patterns are identified, the Rolf Movement practitioner doesn’t necessarily seek to change those patterns which have served the client well. Rather the Rolfer offers more economical solutions, ones that promote greater core stability, balance, and efficiency in the gravitational field. This means less incidence of pain, more ease, and more beneficial exercise. It also gives the client tools that they can take with them to help realign their own structure, release strain, and be pain free.

Therapy in Movement

I usually prefer to take my clients through movement work near the end of the Structural Integration session. This can be very valuable to the client to integrate ideas and postural changes that were explored with the hands-on work. While the manual therapy work is mostly working through the reorganization of connective tissue the movement work is “syncing” central nervous system to its muscular counterparts. When freeing soft tissue does not serve the client often times movement work does because there may be an issue of “muscle amnesia.” Unlike traditional exercise which works works to build only strength movement work refines coordination very specifically and also gets the nervous system back in communication with an affected area. Rolf Movement can be explored by clients who have completed a structural series and serves equally well as a stand-alone tool for achieving higher levels of self-awareness and body coherence.

Rolf Movement

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”
-Moshe Feldenkrais